Integration.app is an AI-powered integration stack for SaaS apps. Product and engineering teams in software companies can use a suite of APIs, SDKs, and UI components to build customer-facing integrations with multiple apps in one go, with the look & feel of your particular app.

The product works as developer-environment that works together with in-house integration development processes. We're changing how integrations are being built by bringing AI & LLM components into play. You can now consistently perform API calls across multiple apps with just a few lines of code.

You can choose to integrate any of our 100+ connectors across various SaaS categories (CRMs, task management, accounting, etc.) or build your own custom connector for any app with an OpenAPI spec.

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Founder of Integration.app : Daniil Bratchenko

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Contact Person: Daniil Bratchenko, Founder of Integration.app
651 N Broad St Suite 206
  United States

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