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We are an upcoming and fast-growing startups ecosystem with a wide array of business categories. With its amazing features that leverage the power of Local Search Engine Optimization you can practically put your startup or firm right before the right crowd that is searching for services and products online. Localmote is not just limited to its country of origin, Kenya, but also the rest of the world. Want to search its database? Its search engine allows you to search by location too.

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  • Insurance Agent in Chillicothe, MO...

    Robertson Insurance Services

    Robertson Insurance Services. | UP 22 VIEWS

  • AMS Digital Agency established in 2015 and completed more than 200 projects successfully with more than 70% of client-retention rate. We worked for a big brand and cover almost all industry such as Pharma, Manufacturing, IT, Local, and many more worldwide. AMS Digital Agency has 3 branches in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom. AMS Digital Agency is known for best digital marketing ...

    AMS Digital Agency

    AMS Digital Agency. | UP 11 VIEWS

  • We are a content marketing company focused on the Hispanic market. We help brands by creating content strategies that educate, solve problems, create experiences and create emotions in their audiences. We create content through 5000 content suppliers, as well as posts for social media and backlinks to increase DR....


    WeAreContent. | UP 9 VIEWS

  • Kitchen Remodel in Madison, WI...

    Allen Kitchen & Bath

    Allen Kitchen & Bath. | UP 9 VIEWS

  • Criminal Attorney in Kansas City, MO...

    David M. Lurie

    David M. Lurie. | UP 8 VIEWS

  • Tax Preparation in Burleson, TX...

    John M Pelletier, CPA

    John M Pelletier, CPA. | UP 8 VIEWS

  • Attorney in Houston, TX...

    Jeff Skarda Law

    Jeff Skarda Law. | UP 8 VIEWS

  • Attorney in Flint, MI...

    Terry R. Bankert Pc

    Terry R. Bankert Pc. | UP 7 VIEWS

  • Juneau Construction Company, headquartered in Atlanta with an office in Miami, is one of the fastest-growing construction firms in the Southeast. Juneau was founded by Les & Nancy Juneau in 1997. Juneau performs as Construction Managers, Design-Builders and General Contractors – public and private....

    Juneau Construction Company

    Juneau Construction Company. | UP 6 VIEWS

  • Air Conditioning Contractor in Jacksonville, NC...

    Manley Heating and Cooling

    Manley Heating and Cooling. | UP 6 VIEWS

  • Windshield Repair in Pueblo, CO...

    Novus Glass

    Novus Glass. | UP 6 VIEWS

  • Business Broker Near Me in Atlanta, GA...

    Sunbelt Business Brokers

    Sunbelt Business Brokers. | UP 6 VIEWS

  • Lighting Repair in Raleigh, NC...

    Lighting Inc.

    Lighting Inc.. | UP 5 VIEWS

  • Glass Shop in Coventry, RI...

    Coventry Glass Co

    Coventry Glass Co. | UP 5 VIEWS

  • Tax Companies in Orange, TX...

    Mega Tax & Bookkeeping Services

    Mega Tax & Bookkeeping Services. | UP 5 VIEWS

  • Income Tax Preparation in Marysville, OH...

    Alan C. Wilson CPA Inc

    Alan C. Wilson CPA Inc. | UP 4 VIEWS

  • Ergo Impact is an ergonomically oriented product company dedicated to improving worker health, comfort, and productivity through an innovative product design. Sitting is unhealthy, standing is hard on your legs. Our new sit-stand-lean chair increases the usage of standing desks making life easier for people suffering from chronic back pain. The LeanRite, our first product, is an award-winn...

    Ergo Impact

    Ergo Impact. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • Criminal Justice Attorney in Bethlehem, PA...

    James J. Burke Esq

    James J. Burke Esq. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • Tax Services in Bridgeport, CT...

    Pat's Tax Service

    Pat's Tax Service. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • Compass Law Group LLP Injury and Accident Attorneys Beverly Hills handles all types of personal injury cases in Beverly Hills and the surrounding cities. We handle plenty of different types of motor vehicle accidents. For example, car wrecks, truck accidents, self driving car accidents, SUV accidents, semi truck accidents, t-bone wrecks, rollovers, hit and run accidents, car accidents, Uber accide...

    Compass Law Group LLP Injury and Accident Attorneys-Beverly Hills

    Compass Law Group LLP Injury and Accident Attorneys-Beverly Hills. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • Tax Preparation in Turnersville, NJ...

    Hniedziejko & Associates, LLC

    Hniedziejko & Associates, LLC. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • We get it, the fraud and friction that happens when businesses need to onboard new good online customers is rough, confusing, and a total headache. That’s why we created Instnt, a managed online customer onboarding service that drives top-line revenue growth and reduces bottom-line costs with a reliable and hassle-free process, full flexibility, and the most committed partnership—so you don’t have...


    Instnt. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • 612 Injured is located in Minneapolis, MN. Our aim is to provide exceptional legal representation and the high-end customer service that our clients deserve during what could be the most difficult and frustrating times of their lives. Our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys always provide an individualized approach for our clients to reach the best and most fitting solution to each case. We have...

    612 Injured

    612 Injured. | UP 3 VIEWS

  • TutorMe is the online tutoring solution of the future. We connect students with the best online tutors in under 30 seconds using a matching system powered by AI. Students can receive help in over 300 subjects via our advanced lesson space, featuring video chat, screen-sharing, virtual whiteboards, and much more....


    TutorMe. | UP 2 VIEWS

  • Nickelytics democratizes OOH Ad buying by leveraging an extensive pool of 'ready to engage' assets that can be managed, deployed, and measured through our self-service portal. We make launching out-of-home advertising as easy as putting up a Facebook ad, solving the modern outdoor marketing puzzle for national brands and local advertisers....


    Nickelytics. | UP 2 VIEWS

  • Colomio-com, a division of happycolorz GmbH, is an online platform that provides users with free printable coloring sheets and customizable coloring books for download. We offer a huge range of coloring sheets to fall in love with, from colorful flowers to mythical creatures. Colomio-com also offers traditional coloring books for purchase online....


    Colomio. | UP 2 VIEWS

  • Flieber is a technology company focused on helping multi-channel online retailers optimize their inventory and efficiently operate their supply chains. Our system uses advanced data analytics and machine learning to connect real-time sales forecasts, inventory availability, and supply-chain decisions. The result is a drastic reduction in the stock-outs that hurt sales and overstocks that hurt marg...


    Flieber. | UP 2 VIEWS

  • Since 2000, we help businesses attract, acquire, serve, and make customers for life. We use technology to design Marketing, Sales, and CRM solutions to align businesses with their ideal customers and then keep them for life. At Alycom Business Solutions, we strive every day to learn, improve, and grow in our ability to bring practical, efficient, state of the art, and affordable solutions fo...

    Alycom Business Solultions

    Alycom Business Solultions. | UP 1 VIEWS

  • At TCS Denver, we offer highly trained guards to protect your valuable assets and people. Our reputation as a top Denver security company comes from several decades of treating each client like family. Your safety and security is our only business. We pride ourselves in offering security solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our mission is to provide the finest quality se...

    Twin City Security Denver

    Twin City Security Denver. | UP 1 VIEWS

  • At The Morgan Law Group, P.A. our insurance claims lawyers are part of the Panama City Beach, Florida community, and are dedicated to representing our residents when their insurance companies are unwilling to provide the fair and timely coverage their policies outline. At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our insurance damage claims lawyers believe that policyholders deserve the recovery that they pay f...

    The Morgan Law Group, PA

    The Morgan Law Group, PA. | UP 1 VIEWS

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