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Not many people understand quite well what Content Marketing is all about. OK, some do understand that it involves information but they do not really understand where it really fits in within the Marketing department. So here we go. This is will be a rather short but succinct explanation of it.Understand this about Content Marketing: it’s not about selling your business’ products but rather to inform or educate your target audience. Yes. No selling. No “Click here to buy product X” or creating entire an article about how your Service X is better than the rest in the market. All th...

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This blog post is happily borrowed from our Medium series.

Or in other words, “Is explosive startup growth made for you”?The Internet has afforded us a glimpse into Explosive Growth in real-time. Something which previous generations have never had.We can see the rise and fall of businesses in real time. We can get to experience the explosive growth of a startup in real time. Vine was just a simple video-sharing app that grew fast and died fast after Instagram released a similar but better offer. Likewise, Instagram grew exponentially when people discovered it.We have seen hitherto unknown founders b...

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