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GetFresh Ventures

GetFresh Ventures partners work with founders of high-growth companies, with $1-10M yearly revenue, looking to increase their revenue velocity. As with any company on a high growth curve, there com...

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HelpTap is an all-in-one startup incubation platform that provides necessary resources — tools, knowledge, investment, and services — to talented entrepreneurs looking to validate, build, grow and man...

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Co.finder is a community-driven mobile app, where you can match with other like-minded entrepreneurs, build and crowdfund your startup. We believe everyone deserves to be an entrepreneur. In order to ...

JJ Scrap Metals logo

JJ Scrap Metals

JJ Scrap Metals is a fully licensed scrap metal collection and transport company, providing services in Australia. Our services are inspired by the fact that scrap metal collection plays a vital role ...

Exirio logo


Exirio is a wealth insight app. We take tracking to a new level: all your wealth aggregated in one place, and the information you need to accurately understand what you own, and how it is performing. ...

GuniTime logo


GuniTime is Australia's simplest workforce management software solution for employee scheduling, timesheets & rosters that's helped many small businesses to save time on admin tasks....

Compright logo


Compright provides a comprehensive tool that automates and simplifies your own variation of base pay, bonus, and stock plans. Trusted by professionals and industry leaders....

Pet Psych Center logo

Pet Psych Center

Pet Psych Center was born out of the Need for qualified patients to live a full life with the emotional support of their pet. Cindy Camaraza Suarez is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family therapist ...

UNIQORN Incubator-Accelerator logo

UNIQORN Incubator-Accelerator

UNIQORN is the largest rural incubator-accelerator of its kind in the world. Located in Southwestern France (Sarlat-la-Canéda), its mission is to give entrepreneurs and their families their lives back...

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