Hyperview logo


Hyperview is a cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that is both powerful and easy...

Appixels logo


Appixels is a leading mobile application development company providing state-of-the-art solutions wi...

Autoly logo


Without the proper knowledge, keeping up with sales, maintenance, and other aspects can prove to be ...

ThingsLog logo


ThingsLog is an IoT low-power monitoring technology company providing remote monitoring as a service...

WAVE Drowning Detections Systems logo

WAVE Drowning Detections Systems

We design and market WAVE Drowning Detection Systems (WAVE). WAVE is an accurate, simple-to-use, and...

Nanoprecise logo


Nanoprecise has an AI+IoT solution that combines patent-pending physics and data analytics to diagno...

Morse Micro logo

Morse Micro

Morse Micro is reinventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things. Bringing together the brightest enginee...

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Fairmart drives sales for SMBs retailers by making their products searchable to shoppers nearby. We ...

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Digital Republic

Digital Republic is your provider for mobile internet solutions & IoT in Switzerland. We offer intel...

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