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Dire Byte

Dire Byte is a Cyber Security Service Provider based in Lisbon, Portugal. We work with customers from small and medium enterprises, with a focus on providing reliable and affordable cybersecurity services. The Dire Byte brings together the concepts of convergence and consolidation to provide compreh...

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Quensus provides enterprise water management solutions to protect buildings from water damage and to protect the bottom line by saving up to 60% on bills. Using a mix of expertise and technology, we offer real-time water monitoring, reports, leak notifications, and automatic shutoff for all area...

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iotis equips analog sports equipment with sensor technology and a gamified training app. Our technology enables us to extract and link a multitude of data. We transform this data through our algorithms into exercises and workouts that provide relevant, objective visual and audio feedback in real...

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Hyperview is a cloud-based digital infrastructure management platform that is both powerful and easy to use. The software is used by operations teams to manage data centers, colocation, and edge computing. Features include asset management, auto-discover, capacity planning, power management, and env...

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Appixels is a leading mobile application development company providing state-of-the-art solutions with the capability to transform your ideas into foolproof realities. https://www.appixels.com/...

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Without the proper knowledge, keeping up with sales, maintenance, and other aspects can prove to be challenging. Hopefully, there is an app that can help you connect you with available vehicles in your region while directing you to services required to preserve your machine — Autoly. Autoly turns...

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ThingsLog is an IoT low-power monitoring technology company providing remote monitoring as a service of consumption and environment to a diverse, global client base. Our monitoring as a service works great on remote locations with difficult access and helps utility operators, hotels, farmers, manufa...

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WAVE Drowning Detections Systems

We design and market WAVE Drowning Detection Systems (WAVE). WAVE is an accurate, simple-to-use, and affordable drowning detection technology that addresses a leading cause of accidental death for both children and adults. WAVE is completely wireless, portable, and can be used across all aquatic...

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Nanoprecise has an AI+IoT solution that combines patent-pending physics and data analytics to diagnose issues with industrial machines to predict "Remaining time to failure" affordably ($100/machine) and has all the certifications. This end-to-end solution can be deployed cost-effectively and can be...

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Morse Micro

Morse Micro is reinventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things. Bringing together the brightest engineers from around the globe, we build a new generation of wireless chips that reach farther, are lower power, and truly secure. We serve Commercial, Residential, and Industrial IoT markets, in applicati...

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Fairmart drives sales for SMBs retailers by making their products searchable to shoppers nearby. We list your products online instantly and give your customers the ability to preorder from your store. We do this through a combination of IoT and SEO to drive in-store transactions. We have a custom...

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Digital Republic

Digital Republic is your provider for mobile internet solutions & IoT in Switzerland. We offer intelligent solutions and platforms for telecommunications companies, the retail and automotive industries as well as for manufacturers and providers of networked, smart products. We enable our custome...

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