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JobCopilot helps you get more job interviews by automating job applications. Searching and applying for jobs hasn't changed much from the first career sites and jobs boards of the early 2000s. Most career sites and job boards today still require you to fill in repetitive application forms even thoug...

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The main problem with the job market is that all applicants are shown the same high-budget marketing jobs. Unlike other employment websites that prioritize profits and flood the market with highly advertised positions, Salarship is dedicated to leveling the playing field. We have made it our mis...

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Precise Hire

Precise Hire was founded by a top management team with expertise in human resources, staffing, general administration, employment screening, for telecommunication and internet industries. Our services provide the due diligence and security your company will need to ensure success for your employm...

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Kazitele connects you to the right employer without necessarily applying for a specific job. Once you signup and create your profile, employers will search from a pool of candidates and shortlist you for a job. It's that easy. No more lengthy job application. The right candidates are out there – ...

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