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Symlex VPN

Symlex VPN is the most trusted and secure VPN you can get your hands on. Currently, we have 8M+ total subscriptions, 300K+ paid subscribers, and over 190K daily engagements! We are offering you a high-speed VPN service for your online security at an affordable price.

We do not collect, store, or sell any of your private information. Symlex VPN allows you to keep your identity absolutely anonymous. Our VPN encrypts all your traffic while you use our services. Symlex VPN is your gateway to a safe and secure online world—no matter where you go, you can enjoy secure VPN service on the go. Say goodbye to worries about public Wi-Fi networks in airports, coffee shops, or hotels.

With Symlex VPN, you can unblock and secure popular messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram, etc. We have 120+ high-speed servers all over the world in 80+ locations. All our servers provide unlimited bandwidth, the best encryption, and an uninterrupted connection.

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2807 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23294, USA

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  United States


Founder of Symlex VPN : S M Nazmul Hasan

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Symlex VPN


Contact Person: S M Nazmul Hasan, Founder of Symlex VPN
2807 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23294, USA
  United States

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