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    When companies like Amazon, Dominos, UPS, Doordash, etc., deliver goods or services, they keep customers engaged by sending emails and texts with arrival time updates and links to live maps with their order’s location on a map. When done, they send c...

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    Cloud Contact AI is a multi-channel marketing channel that enables you to reach your audience on SMS, email, and voice all on one platform. Whether you're collecting on debt or alerting customers about upcoming deals, CCAI can help you deliver messag...

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    Helpfull is a real-time feedback platform that allows you to get instant feedback from 1000's of people in minutes. By creating a survey on Helpfull, you can compare two logos, brand names, Amazon store images, book covers, videos, product designs, g...

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    Technical Action Group (TAG) is a IT Support Company in Toronto, on that provides fully-managed IT solutions to technology-dependent businesses. TAG specialize in preventing IT problems for our clients and when they do arise we provide them with ...

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    We are an owner-managed full-service e-commerce agency from the Stuttgart region. Initially as probably the first provider of standard software and SaaS solutions for online marketplaces on the market, we have continuously expanded and expanded our r...

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    Wellcare is a brand of mHealth Technologies Jsc, founded in 2015 by doctors and software engineers with the ambition of delivering high-quality primary care to all Vietnamese through the use of telemedicine. Wellcare offers telemedicine, mental h...

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    We have created a platform with the aim of collecting the most objective and reliable information about businesses and products. Our goal is to help users obtain reliable information about a particular business from which they intend to buy products ...

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    Zendo is a platform that lets businesses deliver services to their customers from one place. Zendo helps sell bespoke services online; saves time by reducing context switching, manual and repetitive tasks, or managing customer communications. With...

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    Kreezalid is Software as a Service (Saas) that lets you create in a few minutes your online marketplace, with no technical skills. With Kreezalid you can create a beautiful marketplace without any financial risk or disappointment compared to a pro...

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