Speedex marketing services

Speedex Marketing Services

Speedex Marketing Company in Nairobi is a Design, branding and print agency producing professional marketing services in Kenya. We are passionate with design, brand and print. We provide custom-built branding services for all companies in Kenya and beyond borders.

We’re one of Nairobi’s oldest and most recognized digital marketing firms, with over 5 years of expertise. We have an established track record of generating results as a full-service marketing firm with a lot of experience and technological expertise. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your company generates high-quality leads by implementing a strategic and high-impact digital solution.

Our strategic marketing planning process provides a framework for ensuring that the work we deliver for you is as valuable as possible. We apply this knowledge to our creative solutions, in whatever form they take, and then execute them precisely, with the pursuit of perfection driving the success of all our work.

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Nairobi KE 37 Kim building B6, Nairobi, Kenya

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Operations Manager : +254700087597

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Speedex Marketing Services


Contact Person: +254700087597, Operations Manager
Nairobi KE 37 Kim building B6, Nairobi, Kenya

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