Gen. k jewelry

Gen. K Jewelry

Then, now, always.

To put on a piece of Gen.K Jewelry is to step into the glittering world of sisters Genevie and Kayde Yeo. Combining the elegance of bygone eras with a modern edge, the eponymous label conjures visions of flitting through the decades where bejeweled bees, birds, and flowers alight on earlobes, décolletages, wrists or fingers of wearers.

More than glamorous, though, the jewels of Gen.K Jewelry are timeless objects imbued with a story and soul. Each is thoughtfully crafted and grounded in the duo’s curiosity of nature’s nuances, understanding of emotional connections, and dedication to life philosophy. Whether you are celebrating love of any kind, honoring your dearest, or signifying a personal milestone, Gen.K Jewelry’s collections are rooted in the many special moments you live — a true embodiment of modern heirlooms that will journey with you on your own adventures.

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15 Stamford Road, #01-69/70/71, Capitol Singapore

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Founder and CEO at Gen. K Jewelry : Genevie Yeo

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Gen. K Jewelry


Contact Person: Genevie Yeo, Founder and CEO at Gen. K Jewelry
15 Stamford Road, #01-69/70/71, Capitol Singapore

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