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Quensus provides enterprise water management solutions to protect buildings from water damage and to protect the bottom line by saving up to 60% on bills. Using a mix of expertise and technology, we offer real-time water monitoring, reports, leak notifications, and automatic shutoff for all area...

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A SaaS platform for high-throughput computing, supporting fast and cost-effective video encoding. ByteNite implements a distributed computing system based on mobile and desktop devices as worker nodes, keeping the parallelization of video computing workflows and realizing a high-throughput compu...

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Kounteq is a fintech business specialising in integrating (SaaS) Finance & Operation apps. Based on our experience in this area, we are developing an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that combines hundreds of distributed cloud apps into a consolidated dashboard overview. Working closely ...



Our team is forward-thinking, constantly upskilling, and keeps its finger on the pulse of everything that leads the way in the world of IT. At ITOPIA, we measure success on customer satisfaction and responsiveness. We strive to understand you and your business because the better we know you, the ...

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Netooze provides a simple cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size, removing infrastructure friction and providing predictability so startups, IT teams, developers, and SysAdmins can spend more time building better software. vStack cloud servers start under $5/mo. Deploy ...

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Do you want to be able to access safely to your company files anywhere and anytime? Do you want to be able to work together with your colleague in the same file at the same time? And, do you want to be able to share files easily with your customers and suppliers? LeitzCloud makes this possible. ...

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Cloud-native and cloud-enabled organizations use Appranix to make their cloud applications significantly more resilient with an application environment level backup, recovery, cross-region DR, and self-healing HA. Leverage cloud provider infrastructure redundancy and services to make your applica...

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Avori is a tier-one custom software development company. We help clients assess, identify, and chart new software solutions. By utilizing our skilled talent, scalable resources, various tools, and methods, we design, build and deliver cost-effective, strategic software for the new era of connected t...



INTELLIWORX Managed IT is a shift in the IT services landscape. We provide a comprehensive, flexible and supportive service to ensure business continuity and minimal operational downtime. With offices and service desks located in Sydney, Auckland, and London and Managed Cloud locations in Sydney and...

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TriggerMesh believes developers will increasingly build applications as a mesh of cloud-native functions and services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises. We believe this architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver effortless digital experiences. TriggerMesh is the firs...

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CAST AI is driven by a vision of decentralizing and democratizing the cloud industry to free innovators from the limitations of cloud service providers. Our AI-powered cloud optimization engine delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload. It...

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TeachableHub is a fully-managed platform bringing ML teams together to deploy, serve, and share impactful models as public or private APIs(a.k.a. Teachables) with ZERO MLOps, seamless scalability, and no costly infrastructure. Unlimited public APIs for FREE!...

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