Cửa hàng nội thất home mây

Cửa Hàng Nội Thất Home Mây

Home May Furniture Store provides customers with natural bamboo and rattan furniture products in Da Nang city and throughout Vietnam. We are committed to bringing the best, quantitative products to users.
Bamboo and rattan making - The quintessence of Vietnamese traditional culture.
Bamboo and rattan - one of the quintessential beauties of traditional culture that has been formed and developed for a long time in Vietnam. Through many ups and downs, up to now. Still growing and gaining a certain foothold in the market. The craft of bamboo and rattan is probably no longer strange to us today. This is a profession that has existed in Vietnam for a long time in some traditional craft villages, mainly aimed at serving people's daily lives such as baskets, racks, baskets, tables, etc. chairs, etc. Up to now, Vietnam has had many traditional bamboo and rattan craft villages and rattan furniture stores nationwide.

At Home May Furniture, we always put our heart into each product. The manufactured bamboo and rattan products are always thoroughly checked for all factors before being delivered to customers.

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567 Đ. Mai Đăng Chơn, Hoà Quý, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Việt Nam

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Nhat Lam : Nhat Lam

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Cửa Hàng Nội Thất Home Mây


Contact Person: Nhat Lam, Nhat Lam
567 Đ. Mai Đăng Chơn, Hoà Quý, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Việt Nam

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Home May Furniture Store

Home May Furniture Store


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