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Vurderet is your trusted source for finding the perfect products as a consumer. Our team of experts conducts meticulous research, analysis, and hands-on testing to provide comprehensive, data-driven reviews and informative guides. We cover a range of categories, from electronics to home goods, to he...


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ERideHero is a consumer-focused, data-driven platform dedicated to electric rides. We aim to empower electric ride enthusiasts globally through comprehensive reviews, guides, and technical resources based on rigorous testing of over 100 models. By providing unique insights, we assist readers in navi...


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Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Audiorista is at the forefront of tech innovation, offering an all-encompassing app builder platform for creating native iOS and Android applications. We empower content creators, media companies, and businesses to translate their digital content—be it audio, video, o...


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What is Digitalsero? Digitalsero is a SaaS marketing automation tool that helps marketing agencies / digital marketers to get instant access to their clients’ ad accounts and pages on Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more through a shareable link in 2 minutes. With Digitalsero, the custom...


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LEAP - The Business Model Game

LEAP is a business game that transforms ideas into profitable business models. More than 10,000 participants from educational institutions and companies from 25 countries have used the tool to rethink existing business models and develop next-generation ones. LEAP is all about serious learning. Join...


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Kaffe & Damp Kompagniet

Kaffe & Damp Kompagniet offers competent advice, new vape gears, and good organic coffee. We look forward to seeing you in Denmark's first vape coffee bar! We do not say that it is healthy or beneficial to vape, on the contrary, we believe that clean, fresh, and natural air is the best. But if yo...


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Heroic Rhino

Heroic Rhino™ makes it way easier for ambitious startup founders to team up with highly skilled and experienced business mentors. Heroic Rhino™ is a Copenhagen based startup accelerator company with global intentions. In the entangled jungle that is the global startup community, Heroic Rhino™ ...


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