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Leave Dates

Do you struggle to keep on top of staff time off and working patterns? If you do, then Leave Dates i...

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Belasis is a simple, agile, and powerful management software for beauty salons and aesthetic clinics...

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Comworker is a web and mobile application that allows you to track and manage your timesheets and pr...

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Prelude is building a better hiring process. Every touchpoint with a candidate is an opportunity for...

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RosterElf is a magically simple cloud software platform that handles all SME staff rostering tasks w...

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EasyWeek is an easy-to-use online booking marketplace and appointment software. EasyWeek helps t...

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Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch makes punching in & out intuitive for your employees & easy for you to view & export tim...

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Lean Power

Lean Power is a patent pending, digital work management & execution platform that empowers companies...

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MIDAS (https://mid.as) is an easy to use yet powerful room booking system giving you complete contro...

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AddAlign is a SaaS platform that offers white-label teleconferencing, scheduling, and billing for bu...

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