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TPR Teaching

TPR Teaching is proud to declare its purpose to inform and encourage those who want to tutor languages online or overseas. They are a prominent producer of educational content focused on language acquisition, particularly English language learning and language teaching. The mission at TPR Teachin...

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Explorers Away

We're José and Carley, creators of Explorers Away, dedicated to helping travelers, expats, and digital nomads feel at home on their adventures. Whether you're jet-setting around the world or setting up a new home abroad, our top travel tips, destination guides, and inspiration can help you make the ...

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Grailify is one of the largest platforms for German and English-speaking sneaker fans. We report daily on all relevant news, releases, and restocks in the "Sneakers Game." Grailify is serving 1.1 million page views per month and has generated millions of app downloads since its release in 2019. Y...

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MeMoreMoney is the place for people looking to make their money work hard. As a personal finance blog, we help you make better decisions with your money. We offer detailed comparisons of products and services so you can confidently invest your time, energy, and resources into what will give you t...

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Over many years as a small business owner, startup founder, and entrepreneur, I have learned many valuable lessons, many of which were learned the hard way. The startup life isn’t easy nor an immediate path to success. So, I have taken it upon myself to help others who may be starting their own b...

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GamesCreed is your most up-to-date source for video game news and reviews. We deliver the latest and most comprehensive video game content, including gaming news, game reviews, and editorials. Additionally, we're growing and will grow even faster if you start promoting your content or products w...

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Your Money Geek

Your Money Geek was founded in 2018 as a way to help people reach their financial goals, but it quickly evolved into a one-stop source for the latest updates in tech and gaming, exclusive interviews with your favorite celebrities, and a trusted source for pop culture news. At Your Money Geek, yo...

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The Doe

The Doe is a media and tech company publishing anonymous narratives from marginalized voices and building tools to support civil discourse. Our mission is to fundamentally challenge the way people engage with ideas and each other, by providing access to unfiltered and honest perspectives that for...

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