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Poland ( PL )

  • Zendo. logo
    Zendo. 7 views

    Zendo is a platform that lets businesses deliver services to their customers from one place. Zendo helps sell bespoke services online; saves time by reducing context switching, manual and repetitive tasks, or managing customer communications. With...

  • Rublon logo
    Rublon 8 views

    Rublon enables your workforce to securely access your organization's networks, servers, and applications. Protect your data via easy-to-use multi-factor authentication and comply with data protection regulations like GDPR. Deploy Rublon organizat...

  • Scramjet logo
    Scramjet 16 views

    Scramjet is an open-source platform designed to provide serverless computing service deployable across all infrastructures from edge and on-premise to the cloud. By embracing stream processing and microservices architectures we provide efficient and ...

  • LiveWebinar logo
    LiveWebinar 15 views

    LiveWebinar is a platform that seamlessly connects all possible browsers, operating systems, and devices into one single webinar room so you and your audience can connect together with ease. LiveWebinar's cloud-based webinar software helps both sm...

  • MyLead logo
    MyLead 20 views

    MyLead is a global affiliate network and a comprehensive platform created to earn money online. We have ready-made tools and functionalities that allow every person with Internet access to generate profit. We've created our own content lockers and...

  • UseItBetter logo
    UseItBetter 19 views

    Powered by auto-tracking, UseItBetter instantly unlocks a stream of data on how customers use your website and makes that data work for you at every step of your conversion rate optimization process. From advanced analytics to A/B testing and per...


    Rosotravel is a family owned tour company located in Gdansk, Poland. We have over 5 years of experience in organising interesting day tours and activities in the most famous cities of Poland, Germany and Austria. We are in process of expanding our se...

  • PhotoAiD logo
    PhotoAiD 43 views

    PhotoAiD is the market leader in biometric photos. PhotoAiD has created mobile apps and a website that makes it easy, fast, and fun to take photos passports, or other documents. Using AI and the latest technology, we help thousands of people every da...

  • Smart Faktor logo

    Smart Faktor online factoring offers a decent factoring facility (up to 150.000 Eur) for those whose micro factoring solutions cannot provide enough liquidity and bank financing is out of reach. While having competencies to evaluate and manage cre...

  • Nanoseen logo
    Nanoseen 45 views

    Nanoseen is a team of passionate nanotechnology engineers and scientists who prove remarkable properties of the nanomaterials as a core component of the company’s products that will help solve many problems related to climate change such as water sho...

  • CONREGO logo
    CONREGO 84 views

    Since 2010, we are the leader of IT services for the event industry in Poland. Since 2017, we offer our support to customers in the European Union, Middle East, Asia, Africa and both Americas. Event registration software, which is the basis of CON...

  • Centrum Psychiatrii I Psychoterapii COLLIGO logo

    Specjalizujemy się w diagnostyce i leczeniu zaburzeń oraz chorób psychicznych. Oferujemy konsultacje psychiatryczne, psychoterapię oraz badania psychologiczne dzieci, młodzieży i osób dorosłych....

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