Elevator pitch
We are the only full service provider for SME in Switzerland. As a combination of Affirm (PoS) and Klarna, are we able to cover all SME funding needs.

Why does the world need you?
We have a unique solution for SME covering all their financial needs. With our outstanding fully digital platform funded by P2P we are able to offer products in a highly flexible and without the constraints of traditional banks. That means we are able to provide fully digital instalment solutions for our partners. Our clients have a higher revenue as the clients may pay on instalments (upselling) and are able to optimize the liquidity with the fast disbursement of the funds.

Product description
We built in the last four years a fully fledged and flexible credit platform which allows to process the loan process fully digital from application to the whole lifecycle management. With this are far ahead of the traditional highly paper based market players. This allows us to offer unique solutions like instalment solutions for our partners for business and private clients. With an additional ecommerce invoice solution we are the only player in Switzerland covering all sales channels of PoS. What makes your product unique?
We are the only financial company in Switzerland, offering the complete financial value chain for SME. That means we are offering instalment solutions for B2C and B2B businesses, offline and online. Additionally we are able to provide funding for the company itself. With our patented fully digital instalment solution for physical point of sales, we already help almost 50 partners in different sectors in Switzerland to increase their revenues and improve the liquidity. With our client sourcing directly with partners we get clients/warm leads almost for free, while the market suffers by high client acquisition cost. Based on our unique model we are able to process these deals profitable while the traditional lenders have no chance to earn money on these deals. As we earn money on different sides (initial fee, investors, insurance company kickbacks, fees during the duration). Target market
We are focussing to the B2B2x market where we have specialized models to service B2B and B2C businesses. We enable small and medium sized companies to offer instalments and increase their revenue with this additional offering.

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