The brand WORLDBUS is a dedicated web hosting startup based on cloud technology that has been operating in the market since the end of 2019. To provide a web hosting platform, WORLDBUS offers affordable, quality, and premium service to its customers.

WORLDBUS offers a wide range of IT services for both business and tech lovers, from cPanel shared hosting to virtual data centers, virtual personal servers (VPS), dedicated servers, domain registration, and storage solutions.

All our services are based on the principle of continuous innovation, so new features are added regularly. WORLDBUS servers are located in different locations, giving users a wide choice depending on their needs.

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3GQ6+763, Bagdati-Vani-Dapnari, Vani, Georgia

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Director and CEO at WORLDBUS : Gvantsa Botsvadze

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Contact Person: Gvantsa Botsvadze, Director and CEO at WORLDBUS
3GQ6+763, Bagdati-Vani-Dapnari, Vani, Georgia

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