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StartUs Insights

StartUs Insights is an innovation intelligence company on the mission to map the world’s information...

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Progress New Zealand

Progress New Zealand Incorporated was established in July 2021 as an independent, non-partisan membe...

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Helpfull is a real-time feedback platform that allows you to get instant feedback from 1000's of peo...

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Soshianest Enterprise Miner

Soshianest uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques and deep learning models to predict shippin...

Chinougijutsu logo


We are the professionals of robotics and AIs. From consultation to development, we provide everythin...

X.news logo


x-news is an award-winning real-time, cloud-based, and AI-backed Media Reputation Management solutio...

Mergeflow logo


Our software gives you a 360° view of innovations from across tech and business. Scientists, engi...

RVmagnetics logo


RVmagnetics has developed the smallest passive sensor in the world, thinner than a human hair (20 mi...

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Medrego is a multi-profile company targeting the area of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. One of ...

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Djuaji Research Ltd

Djuaji allows individuals and businesses to conduct mass research surveys super fast and super cheap...

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