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RankFi helps investors discover and compare the most popular crypto products, including cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto credit cards, learn and earn programs, and more. We do unbiased, data-driven reviews to help you find the best apps to build your wealth without paying any hidden fees. Ran...

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MeMoreMoney is the place for people looking to make their money work hard. As a personal finance blog, we help you make better decisions with your money. We offer detailed comparisons of products and services so you can confidently invest your time, energy, and resources into what will give you t...

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Chunk Finance

Chunk is the debt paydown solution of the future. We integrate with your financial institutions to provide you with a detailed summary of your debt situation. We offer you a number of resources to help you pay down your debt as quickly as possible and with minimal interest costs. We have various...

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realAppeal helps property owners reduce the costs of owning real estate. realAppeal's software identifies property owners that can save money on their taxes, and manages the end-to-end process of reducing their property tax bill. At realAppeal, we believe everyone should have access to the inform...

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GoFundHer-com is a financial platform for girls and women to connect with sponsors worldwide. Your supporters can sponsor you one-time or set up monthly sponsorship to you for as low as $1. GoFundHer-com delivers premium financial services in 200+ countries and is working to change the world f...

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Your Money Geek

Your Money Geek was founded in 2018 as a way to help people reach their financial goals, but it quickly evolved into a one-stop source for the latest updates in tech and gaming, exclusive interviews with your favorite celebrities, and a trusted source for pop culture news. At Your Money Geek, yo...

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Mortgage Calculator UK

Our website helps people quickly figure their mortgage payments and find the best loan option for their budget. Also, would you like to offer your customers the same calculator they can find on our homepage or a calculator you can embed in the sidebar of your site? You are lucky, we offer over a ...

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Wealthy Nickel

Wealthy Nickel was founded in 2018 to help you take control of your finances and get on the path to financial freedom. Learn how to make money, save money, and invest to become a millionaire and create generational wealth for your family. Our mission is to help you fight back against debt and consum...

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