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Noorjehan Collections

Noorjehan stocks fine handcrafted jewellery by Gemini Desai, one of Kenya’s most renowned jewellery designers. Many of her handcrafted pieces are made from exotic beads she has collected around the world. Craft items found in the studio are unique and plentiful, from table accessories to Christmas o...

Style Connections logo

Style Connections

Search for your garment of choice right from the comfort of your home. Style Connection's website has every collection that you are searching for. Not only that, Style Connection stocks baby clothing, jewellery, cosmetics to shoes and beauty products. The garments in stock are high-street and the be...

Sanabora Creations logo

Sanabora Creations

Handbags, sling bags, clutch purses, hobo bags, tote bags, shopping bags and travel bags with a distinctive contemporary African theme are what mark out Sanabora Creations in the market. Sanabora Creation's unique approach to design can be seen in such accessories as wallets, purses, jewellery to sa...

Kazuri 2000 Ltd logo

Kazuri 2000 Ltd

Kazuri has gained international recognition for its handmade jewellery. Each bead used in the creation of a necklace or bracelet is meticulously hand-glazed and hand-painted making each jewellery piece that leaves the workshop unique and elegant in its own right. Earrings, necklaces, rings to haircl...

Montana Trading And Ventures logo

Montana Trading And Ventures

The Montana Gift Shop's gourmet gift baskets cover a wide range of occassions. Do you want a gift hamper for your birthday, Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Christmas? You name it. Jewellery, flowers and cakes also make up the gift shops product offers which is located at the Bethel Business ...

Adele Dejak logo

Adele Dejak

The Adele Dejak brand of fashion accessories exude an aura of stylishness and unparalleled elegance. Made by the best local artisans from recycled materials such as rice and cement sacks, brass, aluminium and glass, the jewellery and accessories are perfect for the modern woman. Some of Adele Dejaks...

Kidosho logo


Kidosho's clothing store is focused on ethno-chic apparel that is both unique and unmatched. Its designs fuse modern trends with ethnic patterns and fabrics. Kidosho's custom-tailored outfits range from skirts, dresses, jackets, tops to cushions. Besides its bespoke tailoring service, Kidosho also o...

Tiara Jewels Limited logo

Tiara Jewels Limited

With two stores, one at the convenient Nakumatt Lifestyle and the other at Nakumatt Mega, Tiara Jewels has skilled craftsmen who make wedding bands and engagement rings. The wedding rings are made from real gold while the engagement rings are of precious or semi-precious stones. Every band is custom...

Goldiam Jewellers logo

Goldiam Jewellers

Goldiam Jewellers sells exclusive collections of jewellery set in Gold or Silver and has a wide range of jewellery set in either precious or semi-precious stones such as diamonds, Tanzanites and Tsavorites....

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