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Edumentors helps parents and students find online tutors from top UK universities like Cambridge and Oxford. All our tutors are individually interviewed and quality-checked by our educational experts. Tutoring with us helps students achieve better grades in school and get into their dream universiti...

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Elevri inspires, structures, and makes math fun again. We are an app for learning university maths. Learn linear algebra, calculus I, and calculus II faster and more in-depth, and get inspired by generations of mathematicians and engineers. Elevri helps you succeed. Some use our app as supplement...

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Soulfy's Intelligent Tutorial System (ITS) is integrated with a robust Competency Management System (CompMS) to educate small business owners and individuals, to speed up the digital marketing learning process today by providing both the knowledge and the tools to implement the knowledge using the S...

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Avela envisions a world where opportunities are more equitably and efficiently allocated, starting with education. We give enrollment, admission, and award officers the tools to make equitable decisions and empower families. Governments and nonprofits also use our platform to allocate talent and ...

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Soapbox Labs

SoapBox is built for kids. Our mission is to transform play and learning experiences for kids everywhere using voice technology. Our low-code, scalable platform is licensed by education and consumer companies globally to deliver world-class voice experiences for literacy and English language too...

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Learnie is a paradigm shift in how to think about learning systems. It is the way to create and share engaging user-generated video microlearning. Courses are user-generated and built in a series of up to 30-second microlearning bursts. Everyone can share their unique skills or knowledge in Learnie....

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Sanako is a global leader in teacher-led language technology solutions. We provide online and classroom software tools for secondary and higher education to optimize language teaching time and increase students' results and motivation. We have customers in 114 countries and our solutions are used in...

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Stellar Labs

We believe effective learning will beat the global skills gap. By combining science-based, brain-friendly methods with the best learning technology and the skills of global experts, we always get great results. For you, for your team, and for your entire business. We understand the mechanisms...

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Fashive is a fashion institute that provides online fashion courses. Our competences include key fashion topics such as quality assurance, fashion merchandising, fashion design, product development, and more. As an educator in the fashion industry, we work with global academies to train, educate and...

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PitchMe is a skills-based talent marketplace introducing multilayered profiling of skills and innovative matching algorithms....

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Mathquizily is an online learning platform solution for students & schools that offers personalized math tests in all categories, mapping your math skills, math tests with step by step solutions, visualizing student's learning and development (Learning Analytics), generate math tests to pdf, and muc...

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