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PieceX is an AI-based marketplace where companies and businesses can fairly share source code. Piece...

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Xeotek helps companies develop and explore their data applications and streams faster with Xeotek's ...

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We are a software startup that sells a SEO tool for website migrations. searchVIU helps discover ...

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Soshianest Enterprise Miner

Soshianest uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques and deep learning models to predict shippin...

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TIKI is on a mission to get users paid for their online data, so that the power shifts from large co...

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Smart Faktor

Smart Faktor online factoring offers a decent factoring facility (up to 150.000 Eur) for those whose...

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Murabei Data Science

Service ideal for those who need to implement and to control the discipline of Data Science in an op...

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506 is a digital marketing company specialized in first-party data. The focus is on the analysis, ma...

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Bipp Analytics

BIPP, Inc., is a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make ...

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