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Algoscale Technologies

Algoscale is a data consulting company covering data engineering, applied AI, data science, & produc...

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realAppeal helps property owners reduce the costs of owning real estate. realAppeal's software ident...

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StartUs Insights

StartUs Insights is an innovation intelligence company on the mission to map the world’s information...

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VINData-com is owned and operated by VINData Products LLC, a Delaware LLC with a primary office in K...

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Xeotek helps companies develop and explore their data applications and streams faster with Xeotek's ...

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Cybersecurity leaders: Stop worrying and know that you are protected. SightGain is the only inte...

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TIKI is on a mission to get users paid for their online data, so that the power shifts from large co...

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Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence is a pioneering PropTech business that provides cutting-edge data-driven solution...

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Voxpow adds Speech Recognition and Voice Commands to any website. Allow customers to use their voice...

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