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Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company developing Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration solutions. Our mission is to load, store, organize, optimize, publish and accelerate all media assets (images, videos, static files such as JS and CSS files, etc.) for a website or mobile application acceleration.

We help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers collaborate better and simplify recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing and delivering media around the world.

Our expertise: Media Optimization, Digital Asset Management (DAM), CDN Delivery, Media Performance Monitoring
Our two scalable solutions Cloudimage and Filerobot catalyze team collaboration, simplify the management of the media content cycle and eventually boost SEO, user satisfaction, and conversion.

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21 Rue du Commandant Fuzier, 69003 Lyon, France

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Marketing Associate : Vy Nguyen

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Scaleflex SAS


Contact Person: Vy Nguyen, Marketing Associate
21 Rue du Commandant Fuzier, 69003 Lyon, France

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