Novable is the fastest AI-powered startup scouting platform on earth, connecting you with the best startups to drive innovation, growth and transformation – using artificial intelligence and human expertise.

The Novable AI-powered scouting engine finds the perfect matches from a 1.3 million startup database in a matter of seconds, thanks to the DeepMatching™ technology that goes far beyond keywords and encompasses the full activity data spectrum.

Our mission is to give immediate access to the best startups and innovations worldwide. Novable is the first AI-powered startup scouting technology that delivers custom lists of innovative companies matching your exact needs - in no time.
With Novable, you can:
- Explore innovative companies in any domain, industry or geography
- Run multiple campaigns in parallel
- Get notified about new startups matching your campaign briefings
- Request more information on any startup with Novable's One Pagers
... and much more

Our Advisory service offering complements our AI-based technology with in-depth human expertise.

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Chau. de la Hulpe 150, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

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