We are a design studio with deep roots in strategic thinking, and our approach is behavioral and data-driven. Our mission? Help companies with user research, product design, and strategy.

At Kiquix, we sail through the UX design value chain to deliver great digital experiences. We are flexible and can work from A to Z or jump into a specific stage of your project. We can either be consultants or your firsthand design crew. Yet, we always work steadily anchored to data and our design method: User-Centered Design.

Thanks to it, we can uncover core issues, generate the most innovative solutions and designs and build the highest-converting websites and apps.

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1, Floor 2, Falzun Street, c/w Naxxar Road

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Director of Kiquix : Imre Guaglianone

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Contact Person: Imre Guaglianone, Director of Kiquix
1, Floor 2, Falzun Street, c/w Naxxar Road

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