ELEHEAR begins with a belief that everyone deserves clear, vibrant hearing without the burden of high costs. By eliminating the middleman, we offer FDA-cleared, over-the-counter hearing aids directly to you, delivering top-tier technology at a fraction of the price and making premium hearing accessible to all.

Our AI-powered VocClear® technology delivers unparalleled clarity by intelligently distinguishing speech from noise. With our proprietary algorithms like AI Noise Reduction and DNN Hybrid Feedback Cancellation, along with industry standards such as WDRC and Dual-mic Beamforming, we provide a natural, immersive listening experience.

Our patented software, including Hearing Aid Howling Suppression, Hearing Compensation Technique for Music & Phone Calls, and Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Relief, combined with our exclusive pre-settings and dedicated app, ensures quality without compromise. Our pursuit of excellence encompasses not only cutting-edge software but also superior hardware and meticulous product design.

With our relentless commitment to R&D, we invest wisely in advanced components, prioritizing quality over cost. Using industry-leading components like the Infineon microphone and Knowles speaker to capture and boost sound quality, despite its expense, underscores our commitment to providing you with a hearing aid that excels in every aspect. Our Model Compression Technology integrates our AI algorithms into a power-efficient Digital Signal Processor, maximizing b

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2501 Chatham Rd Suite N

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  United States


CEO and Founder of Elehear : Eric Miao

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Contact Person: Eric Miao, CEO and Founder of Elehear
2501 Chatham Rd Suite N
  United States

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