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    PlayLive is the #1 site for free online arcade games. We are on a mission to provide you with incredible arcade game experiences. PlayLive has been around for the last 2 years and has become well known in the gaming niche for full version PC games from puzzles, matching 3, shooting genre releases that will keep gamers entertained for days.

    We’ve got virtually every type of arcade and video game imaginable – many with innovative features that will impress you right away. Plus, there’s always new content coming out daily so when one gets old or is too difficult for you now due to age or skill level, just come back tomorrow and find an easier version instead!

    We used to spend our afternoons at the arcade, but now we have a new favorite spot. This site is filled with classic games from your childhood like Pac-man and Tetris, as well as some great web classics for you internet junkies out there that are looking for something different than Facebook or Twitter has to offer. So go ahead and play all day long because it’s free – just make sure not to stay on too late if you want any chance of getting up in time tomorrow morning!

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      South Africa

    Founder and CEO of Play Live

    Rodger Wilco

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    Contact Person: Rodger Wilco, Founder and CEO of Play Live
    Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
      South Africa

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