Bizflip is the leading marketplace for Web3 and NFT asset acquisitions where you can buy and sell all types of assets as NFTs, like physical stores, e-commerce stores, dApps & anything in between.

There are many reasons for joining Bizflip, from educating yourself about Web3 and collecting profitable NFTs, to trading/exploring assets as NFTs and sharing them with our community. Be proud of your Assets. You never know what opportunity may come from them.

Get started today to discover popular and new profitable assets all across the globe.

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1221 College Park Dr Suite 118, Dover, DE 19904, USA

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  United States


Ceo/Founder of Bizflip : Surge Kalashnik

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Contact Person: Surge Kalashnik, Ceo/Founder of Bizflip
1221 College Park Dr Suite 118, Dover, DE 19904, USA
  United States

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